I can trace my desire to capture moments on camera back to when I was a child playing with my Matchbox cars. I’d line them up and do photoshoots with them and I still have those first photos I took and I cherish them. I think the real significance of photography came when I saw my first dolphin at Sea World. As a kid growing up in New Mexico I had a fascination with sea creatures, especially dolphins. Snapping that photo of the first dolphin I’d ever seen in person and being able to come home print it out and frame it and have it on my wall as a reminder of that experience made the camera a very special tool for me early on.

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Rainbow Alley by RAND




A Lot On My Mind by RAND


The Seamstress by RAND


Los Autos by RAND


Grand Prismatic by RAND


Muted by RAND


Urban Waves by RAND


Liberty One by RAND


The Other Side of the Sun by RAND


Ascension by RAND


Walk This Way by RAND


Skeleton Lake by RAND


Bluebird by RAND


Haida Canoe by RAND


Haida Drum by RAND


Bald Eagle by RAND


Dinner time by RAND


To Infinity by RAND


Spiraling by RAND


Bursting With Blooms by RAND


Lilly by RAND


Ready For Takeoff by RAND


Holiday Lights by RAND


Metal Sculpture Abstract by RAND


Stone Sculpture Abstract by RAND


Fall World 3 by RAND


Fall World 2 by RAND


Fall World 1 by RAND


Denver City Lights by RAND


Knobby Knees by RAND


Fire Line by RAND


The Approach by RAND


Denver's Union Station by RAND


Bay Bridge by RAND


The Dunes by RAND


I Left My Heart in San Francisco by RAND




Sand Trekkers 2 by RAND


Sand Surfers by RAND


Sand Storm by RAND


Sand and Sky by RAND


Great Sand Dunes by RAND


Pet Cemetery by RAND


Little Abandoned House on the Prairie by RAND


Well Weathered by RAND


A F A Cadet Chapel Interior by RAND


A F A Cadet Chapel by RAND