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Artwork by Rand Ningali

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Rand Ningali It's all about your perspective - Amateur photographer still learning as I go and having a lot of fun on my journey.

I can trace my desire to capture moments on camera back to when I was a child playing with my Matchbox cars. I'd line them up and do photoshoots with them and I still have those first photos I took and I cherish them. I think the real significance of photography came when I saw my first dolphin at Sea World. As a kid growing up in New Mexico I had a fascination with sea creatures, especially dolphins. Snapping that photo of the first dolphin I'd ever seen in person and being able to come home print it out and frame it and have it on my wall as a reminder of that experience made the camera a very special tool for me early on.

Having a camera with me has always been important since then, but my true love for photography didn't surface until fairly recently. It was traveling with friends that opened my eyes to the perspectives and details I wasn't paying attention to up to that point. I would watch them taking photographs with their cameras pointing down, or up, or close up to a wall and I wondered what they were taking photos of. I would then look at their photos and saw that they were capturing interesting details or abstract versions of larger objects and it made me think about and look at things differently. It greatly impacted my photography and I enjoy going places with them to take photos and sharing and comparing our interpretations through photos afterwards.

I've always had a love and appreciation for all forms of art which was instilled in me by my mother who is a very creative and artistic person. She still continues to support and encourage me in every crazy thing I attempt or become obsessed with. With a full-time job in the telecommunications industry and a side business dealing in African art I never went into photography to make a living. In fact I didn't get into photography with the intent to ever try to show or sell my photos, it was purely for myself. I do studio-type of photography for my African art business ( which is quite a bit different than what I do with the camera the rest of the time. That form of photography has also evolved over time as I learned more and my equipment changed.

I'm a self-taught photographer and over the past few years my interest and passion and eye for photography has grown and evolved. I'm thankful to my partner who also shares a love for photography who has taught me a great deal. We get out with the cameras as much as possible and it's also fun to compare our interpretations of a place with each other through our photographs. It's also nice to have someone to travel with who is ok with taking 4+ hours to make a 3 hour trip because we are constantly pulling over to grab a shot!

My photography covers a pretty diverse range of subjects but you'll almost never find people in my photographs unless they are very minor fixtures in the composition. The exception to this would by my photos from a recent trip to Cuba in 2016/2017 where people ended up being a huge part of my focus. I have a true appreciation for people who are really great at taking photos of people because photos of people can be extremely powerful, but the challenge of having people pose isn't something I particularly enjoy. I do like to take candid photos of people if the opportunity presents itself.

I try not to leave the house without my camera in hand because I don't want to miss an opportunity for a shot. I'm always in search of a unique perspective to capture something from which has led me to my latest passion which is aerial photography by drone. Now when I leave the house I usually have my camera case and my drone case in tow. I'm thankful for photography because it increases my desire to get out and explore the world.


You can also view the type of photography I like to do by following me on Instagram. If you see an image on either of those sites that you like and it's not on my website for sale please send me an email through my CONTACT page and I can get the image uploaded.

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